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VivaCity webinar series  

Measure, manage and maintain the safety of VRUs

Watch the webinar recording now!

VRU US Vivacity Dashboard

With progress stalling and fatalities on the increase across the country as reported by the Department of Transportation in the 2023 National Roadway Safety Strategy Report, empowering cities with the data they need to make informed, proactive decisions is critical in our attempt to reach Vision Zero.

In this webinar the Viva team presented how our unique AI-powered computer vision sensors are able to help to measure, manage and maintain the safety of vulnerable road users within the road space. 

What you will learn:

  • Viva's innovative approach to capturing anonymized road user data by harnessing AI-powered computer vision technology
  • The wider number of classifications available including: vehicle, pedestrian, bicyclist, e-scooter plus more
  • Smart Traffic Monitoring, our award winning solution that provides a wide range of highly accurate multimodal datasets including: Classified Counts, Speeds & Tracks
  • Near Miss, Viva's latest Smart Road Safety feature and how it can support Vision Zero by identifying hazardous areas of the road network alongside detailed road user insights to guide investment and evidence ROI
  • How Viva datasets can support grant applications and awards such as SS4A, RAISE and SMART.