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VivaCity Near Miss Detection

Real-time road safety insights and incident root cause analysis

Revolutionary Insights for Road Safety & Active Travel

VivaCity’s Near Miss detection is a road safety game-changer and a key feature of our innovative Smart Road Safety solution. With Near Miss it’s possible to detect and analyse a range of dangerous interactions that could have led to collisions, where they happen, and in real time.

How do VivaCity sensors detect near miss events?

To automatically detect near miss events, speed and path data of road users are analysed using three metrics: Proximity, Post Encroachment Time and Time to Collision.

By using not one, but three methodologies of analysis, and applying specific thresholds, it's possible to both identify near miss events and the root cause of the incident, with high accuracy and efficiency.

Near Miss Detection Methodologies

Proximal Near Miss Metric



Post-Encroachment Time (PET)

Time to collision Near Miss Metric

Time to Collision (TTC)

Road Safety New

Make the right decisions with trusted data

Near Miss provides objective and unbiased data through consistent near miss measurements.


Quickly discover road safety hazards & intervene early

Understand where, when, why, and how near miss interactions are taking place and proactively intervene.

Case Studies

Support evidence-based decision making

Justify expenditure on road safety interventions and prove results of schemes to stakeholders.

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Post-intervention analysis

Compare near miss counts before and after an intervention to measure effectiveness.


Don't let hazards - or perceived hazards - be a blocker to active travel

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How Near Miss supports Active Travel schemes

  • Real-time road safety data
  • Near miss detection and data for incidents involving Active Travel modes
  • Quantify human subjectivity about perceived dangers or hazards
  • Easy to understand data insights to support Active Travel provision
  • Comprehensive dashboard with visual outputs to communicate impact

Cost effective Road Safety interventions

Safer roads start with accurately diagnosing the root cause of an issue

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How Near Miss supports Road Safety schemes

  • Complement KSI & Stats19 data with real-time road safety data
  • Identify where, when and why incidents are occurring
  • Evaluate and quantify dangerous manoeuvres and understand severity
  • Use visual aids to illustrate dangerous behaviours
  • Identify the most efficient and cost-effective interventions

Near Miss - Brochure Download Desktop Image - Landing page - Aug 2023

Discover how Near Miss is revolutionising Road Safety and Active Travel, and how it can support your Vision Zero and Net Zero objectives!

Download the Brochure Now

Capture anonymous data on a variety of near miss scenarios

Cyclist's Way Blocked

When a cyclist’s way is blocked by an obstruction e.g - a parked car

Cyclists way blocked

Problematic Pass

When a motorist gives too little space when overtaking a cyclist

Problematic pass

Vehicle Pulling Out

When a driver pulls out or in across another vehicle's path

Vehicle pulling out

Unsafe Intersection Crossing

When a pedestrian crosses at an unsafe point and the driver continues straight 

Intersection crossing

Near Left / Right Hook

When a motorist turns left/right across the pedestrian's path

Left hand hooking


When a driver follows another vehicle too closely without passing


A range of data outputs at your fingertips

Near Miss Counts and Trends

Near Miss Counts and Trends

Identify trends in dangerous interactions and behaviours, including comparing total near miss events per hour for a selected time range, average per day of the week and average per hour of the day.

Near Miss Heatmaps

Near Miss Heatmaps

Visualise where near miss events are occurring in the road space with a heatmap of event density. Download heatmap images to use as evidence for intervention.

Near Miss Charts and Underlying Data

Download Charts and Underlying Data

Use VivaCity's intuitive analysis tools to create custom charts. Download the charts you create as images or raw data to help communicate key analysis to stakeholders and the general public.

View near miss video clips

View Video Clips

View anonymised blurred video clips of near miss incidents for further insight into the event.

Near Miss Severity Estimates

Severity Estimates

Use severity estimates to prioritise interventions based on safety risk, underpinned by data evidence.

⭐ Near Miss in Action - Case Study 

Oxfordshire County Council Logo PNG

Discover how Oxfordshire County Council are using Near Miss to understand near miss events involving cyclists at a busy junction, and how these insights are informing their Vision Zero strategy.

Download the Full Case Study Now


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Book a Near Miss consultation with the VivaCity team

Speak to one of our in-house experts about road safety in your area and learn how our latest Near Miss feature can help you quantify and analyse near miss events across your network.


A selection of our clients and partners

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