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Focus on Road Safety 

Power Up Road Safety Schemes with Computer Vision Data and Insights

At VivaCity, our vision is to make cities smarter, safer and more sustainable. We provide Local authorities with highly accurate multimodal data on different types of road users, using our AI-powered computer vision sensors.

Traditional traffic monitoring is not able to gather accurate data on the most vulnerable road users - cyclists and pedestrians - making it difficult for local authorities to plan, implement and assess road safety interventions and their impact on these road user classes.

We've developed a suite of features and datasets that are used to boost road safety programmes, support scheme monitoring and proactively identify incident hotspots before they happen. 

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What's inside?

Learn more about how our datasets support road safety schemes:

  • Classified Counts • Path Data • Near Misses • Zonal Speed • Turning Counts

These insights offer:

  • Baseline data before, during and after
  • Long-term and real-time data and insights
  • Comprehensive quantitative data to support funding applications
  • Data backed decisions and evidenced results
See how data and insights can power up and improve the success of your road safety schemes. Download our brochure now!

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With VivaCity’s revolutionary Near Miss data, local authorities can be proactive in their road safety schemes, prove intervention results, and justify expenditures.

How Near Miss can enhance your road safety initiatives:


Identify hazards before incidents occur


Make data-based decisions and justify expenditure


Use conflict study data to improve Active Travel and other transport project safety


Perform post-intervention analysis to measure results

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Near Miss Feature Benefits Guide DOWNLOAD NOW

You can learn more about Near Miss by downloading our handy compact guide that summarises the key benefits of the feature, alongside example datasets and visualisations.


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Speak to one of our in-house experts about road safety in your area and learn how our features and datasets can help boost your road safety programmes.


A selection of our clients and partners:

Transport for London
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Transport for West Midlands
Cambridgeshire County Council
City of Port Phillip - Australia
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Cross River Partnership
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