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Discover VivaCity's AI-Powered Computer Vision Sensor Technology

At VivaCity, our vision is to make cities smarter, safer and more sustainable. We provide Local authorities with highly accurate multimodal data on different types of road users. These data insights can be easily accessed, analysed and integrated into transport operating systems, to inform transport strategy, infrastructure investment and maximise network performance.

VivaCity's unique AI-powered computer vision sensors offer superior capabilities for Smart Traffic Monitoring, Smart Road Safety and Smart Signal Control.

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Download VivaCity’s AI-powered Computer Vision Sensor Brochure

What's inside:

  • The benefits of using computer vision sensors for road scheme planning, monitoring and evaluation, and for optimal flow and road safety
  • An overview of the features & benefits of computer vision sensors for:
    ○ Classification and counting of 10 classes and up to 32 sub-classes of road users
    ○ Vehicle path detection
    ○ Median Journey Time
    ○ Speed and Zonal speed
  • Insight into how traditional traffic management technologies fall short of requirements and how computer vision sensors solve these issues

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Got any questions or want to learn more about our solutions?

Nothing beats human interaction. Get in touch with the VivaCity team and let us answer any questions you might have. We can also organise a demo of our Smart Traffic Monitoring, Road Safety, and Signal Control solutions.

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Discover the Power of Computer Vision for
Smart Traffic Monitoring, Smart Road Safety and Smart Signal Control

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VivaCity's AI-powered computer vision sensors gather anonymous, real-time, highly accurate multimodal traffic data. This data insights support local authorities in strategy planning decisions, boosting Smart Traffic Monitoring projects.

VivaCity Smart Road Safety Solutions

Our Smart Road Safety suite of products can gather anonymous, real-time, multimodal traffic data and that is used to assess speed and tracks of road users, as well as identify incident hot spots with our pioneering Near Miss feature.

Smart Signal Control - AI for Detection

Our AI-powered adaptive signalling solution, Smart Signal Control, enables the integration of rich multimodal data into signal controllers for highly responsive and prioritised signalling. Explore the benefits of Smart Signal Control.

A selection of our clients and partners

Transport for London
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Transport for West Midlands
Cambridgeshire County Council
City of Port Phillip - Australia
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Cross River Partnership


Improving traffic insights with Artificial Intelligence. Continuous 24/7 urban classification with complete anonymity